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Hasiru Dala Innovations joins forces with Satma CE to give immutable waste traceability from collect

MUMBAI, India, Sept. 26, 2022 -- Hasiru Dala Innovations, the India-based social impact organisation that works with waste pickers and other waste workers to ensure a life with dignity while managing all municipal solid waste streams has implemented Satma CE (scan and trace material application across the circular economy),– a cloud SaaS software that also uses blockchain to track the movement of waste from the point it enters the recycling supply chain through waste-picker entrepreneurs or scrap dealers to the final manufacture of new packaging or products that use this very waste.

With mounting waste and only a handful of companies successfully managing it, traceability across the waste value chain is one of the greatest challenges of our times. Waste management processes are extremely complicated and involve steps that are handled by multiple participants, at multiple touch-points making duplication of data inevitable. Adding to this, the sheer volume and variety of waste, heterogeneity of processes and magnitude of data management, coordination with each player of the specific waste value chain has made tracking of waste to resource with proof unfeasible, until now. Satma CE has been created to cater to this gap in the waste management industry. The various participants that can implement Satma CE are companies involved in: collection of waste, segregation, sorting, recycling and manufacturing/processing.

Through Satma CE's collection and segregation module, Hasiru Dala Innovations has successfully been able to improve the traceability of collected waste as well as track and report the financial inclusion of their suppliers- mainly the waste-picker entrepreneurs that provide a substantiable quantum of the waste recovered. One of the biggest pain points of waste-recovers is understanding the profitability/loss per batch of material recovered. Satma CE has helped provide the purchase profitability of each batch of material brought in by monitoring cost centres & comparing them to real time market rates post segregation. Details such as: wastage in each batch, number of people required to carry out the work, quality check of material and the sale of each batch are captured, helping improve vendor rating system.

Brands that buy material made from recovered waste (at the end of the supply chain) will now get complete traceability of the material recovered by Hasiru Dala Innovations, the real environment and social impact created at the first point of collection; holistic traceability that has been lacking in the waste management industry.

Varun Karasia, CEO, Satma CE said, "The waste management industry has a tremendous amount of ambiguity, with Satma CE we aim to remove this ambiguity. This industry also has complicated processes that could be different one recycler to the next. The existing systems leveraged to manage and record data for waste were highly disintegrated because of a lack of means to adequately understand what data needs to be collected and who the stakeholders are. This gap prompted us to create Satma CE. We are extremely delighted to have been working closely with Hasiru Dala Innovations to implement the software solution in their facilities."

"We have successfully implemented waste reporting and traceability software Satma CE to bring transparency into our supply chain. Technology enablement of the supply chain and infusing traceability will help us distinguish ourselves in the marketplace. Partnering with Satma CE made immense sense because, the deep domain experience of the key solution architects ensured that the solution incorporates on-ground realities and challenges. End-users of recyclates can now trust the source and journey of the waste in the supply chain. A transformation worth celebrating." said Shekar Prabhakar, Co-founder & CEO, Hasiru Dala Innovations Innovations Private Limited

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Varun Karasia, Satma CE, Ph. Number: +91 8080500600,


Satma CE is a web based software that uses blockchain to offer traceability across the waste to worth supply chain, including collection, segregation, recycling and processing. It tracks the movement of waste from the time it is deposited in a collection centre by either a waste-picker or an aggregator, through the waste value chain to the final disposal or manufacture of product made from the recycled waste- thereby tracking the circularity of each piece of waste.

The benefits offered by Satma CE includes offering transparency on the various waste touch points, recycling process, and usage in the final products; while maintaining anonymity and privacy for all institutions and individuals. Thanks to its integrated inventory management and profitability analysis features, it also enables its users to monitor their performance while supporting their transition towards a circular economy. It has the ability to solve for complexity of data management, build trust, provide incentives and help collaboration between various stakeholders.

Hasiru Dala Innovations (HDI) is a for-purpose company focused on creating better livelihood and entrepreneurship opportunities for waste-pickers and informal waste workers through innovative business models that enable the circular economy. Its Plastics Recovery business line is its fastest growing and is working with end-user global brands to include social impact in addition to environmental impact in their sustainability initiatives. HDI is the only Indian company that manages all municipal solid waste streams to be Fair Trade Guaranteed by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).


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