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Our Features

Which ever part of the waste supply chain you belong to, we have a solution for you!

Select from our range of modules, or write to us at to understand more about each module. 


Asset creation

Transaction profitability analysis

Goods receipt note

Creating purchase bills

Creating sales orders

Creating dispatch orders

Audit trails


Inventory management & report

Creating packing orders


QC management

Impact report

Custom dashboard

Number Of users

Number of processes

 Suppliers & Convertors






3 standard







API integration

User configurable & Customizable to suit your needs & 100% integration with any existing Enterprise management system.

Merged audience

Real time master data control available to finance & operational teams for a seamless process. Audit Trail maintains history of all records created, modified or transmitted.

Dashboard & Reports

Business intelligence analytics captured in each step help you create customized dashboard that give you details of all operations on a single screen.


Processes can be customised to suit your operations, machinery at each facility/touch point in your supply chain. 

Auto updates

Define managers at each step/ facility to get auto updates and to set up quality check procedures. 

Efficient analytics

Remove pain points in your waste management by getting profitability analysis & reports for each touch point. 

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