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Satma's success stories

Waste sorting by Lucro

Client: Lucro Plastecycle Private Limited

Work: Plastic waste collection, segregation & recycling.

Modules used: All- Collection, Inventory management, recycling & processing, brand.


  • No simple & reliable method to collect data on suppliers- waste pickers, aggregators, waste-pickers, municipalities, brands etc. Thereby, also not being able to provide record of no child labour during collection/buying of waste from suppliers. 

  • No method of automatically calculating profitability/ loss of mixed material received at collection centers.

  • Ensuring 0 wastage of waste collected and segregated at collection centers

  • Enable digital financial payments & identities for the suppliers of waste.

  • Enable automatic calculation of environment & social impact numbers based on day to day activities.

  • Ensuring reliable method to receive different types of waste polymers based on orders at hand & inventory levels- to ensure no over or under stocking at collection centers.

  • Ensuring dead stock or slow moving inventory items at collection centers are focused on

  • Various locations have different price rates, hence no standard price control available to control max & min prices at various locations.



  • Satma has enabled Lucro to access more vendors, vendor rating systems, quick payments enabled. 

  • Inventory management for various locations for movement of goods to recycling center & planning for recycling.

  • Focus purchases based on material requirement , no dead inventory , preventing over inventory to avoid working capital shortage. 

  • Enable digital financial identities for its recycling collectors / waste pickers. i.e., make the supply chain traceable and transparent. 

  • Profitability analysis of each batch of waste received based on process losses such as secondary items, non-recyclables received, moisture & dirt losses, etc. 

  • Auto payment of vendors in real time due to integrated financial module. 

  • Giving complete traceability block to brands/ convertors from collection, segregation & recycling. 

  • Price control of various waste types across various locations by publishing localized prices for each material on a daily basis. 

  • 100% traceability in all operations and tracking of material as it exchanges hands within Lucro’s multiple locations/facilities. 


Client: Tattva Enterprises

Industry: Plastic waste recycling & converting to new packaging.

Modules used: Inventory management, Recycler & processor module.

Vendor and inventory management by Tattva


  • Unable to give complete transparency to brands on the final material made from recycled granules, due to unknown supply chain (blind spots in the supply chain) before segregated bail reached their facility.

  • Overstocking/understocking issues due to a lack of detailed inventory record-keeping.

  • Lack of sustainability goals tracking.

  • Optimizing & digitizing the supply chain.

  • Ensure 0 wastage/loss of stock in inventory.


  • Block of traceability received from sellers into Tattva enterprise at the time of purchase of recycled material making it easy to give complete end to end traceability to brands at the time of purchase of final material.

  • Auto reminders on stock reduction at inventory which enables purchase of material. Also ensures there is no wastage of stock due to ageing of inventory tracking.

  • Auto tracking of sustainability – environment (CO2 reduction, energy reduction, water saved etc.) per batch of material made & social (number of people impacted, women employed etc.) per month.

  • Integration of existing financial, CRM & EMS modules that enable digitizing of the entire supply chain.

Collection by Hasiru dala

Client: Hasiru dala

Work: Mixed waste collection and segregation.

Modules used: Collection module, Inventory management.


  • In the waste management industry, type of waste bought/received is inconsistent, it differs batch to batch.

  • Estimating profitability post segregation and bailing per batch pf material bought has been historically impossible.

  • Optimisation of supply chain

  • Vendor ranking system, based on historical transactions.

  • Environmental & social impact tracking

  • Inventory management



  • With the current pilot ongoing, Hasiru dala are using the collection module to :

  • Improve the financial inclusion of their suppliers (Waste-pickers, aggregators, NGO’s and other collectors)

  • Improve the traceability of collected waste, through segregation to bailing.

  • Providing the purchase profitability of each vehicle that has brought in the waste by monitoring cost centers & comparing them to real time market rates post segregation- such as:  wastage in each batch, number of people required to carry out the work, quality check of material, sale of each batch.

  • Manage stock pile at inventory to ensure waste material availability and re-ordering are automated.

  • Auto creation of environment and social impact numbers based on collection of waste, people employed, creation of identities of suppliers.


Client: Deluxe, Ecolink

Work: PET & Tetra Pak Collection, Segregation & Product.

Modules used: Collection module, inventory management, processing module.

Track and trace processing by Deluxe recycling


  • The type of waste being collected is PET & Tetra pak, which is then used to make material such as roofing sheets, partition sheets & other wood replacement interior material. The problems faced through the supply chain are:

  • Management of Inventory based on orders in hand.

  • Absence of auto tracking wastage secondary items & non- recyclables received at the point of collection, thereby calculating profitability of material received (truck load wise)

  • Track collection contracts agreements vs. actual received material from various vendors.

  • Absence of automated Social impact numbers.

  • Absence of automated environment impact numbers- paper collected & recycled, plastic collected & recycled.

  • Maintenance of Financial records are slow, at a 3 day gap.



We have recently installed the various modules on site that are helping:

  • Manage their inventory better & ensure no process losses.

  • Profitability analysis of material received through the collection module.

  • Improve the financial inclusion of their suppliers (Waste-pickers, aggregators, NGO’s and other collectors)

  • Enable digitised payments to all vendors.

  • Enabled QC for inward waste to ensure less process loss & to track the process loss.  

  • Auto calculation of collected material and generation of impact report.

  • Real time maintenance of financial records.

  • 100% traceability of all operations.

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