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Across the circular waste economy

Where the waste value chain meets the blockchain to give you complete transparency and allow you to add credibility to your claims.

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How it Works

Meet Satma's all-in-one solution for waste management

For Collection, segregation, brands & circular packaging & products

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100% Customizable 


Integration with any existing EMS

Business Intelligence reports

Your one stop for waste management in plastic, paper, aluminium, rubber, e-waste and metal. Capture transactions, profitability, transformation of your waste to worth at every new touch point to establish your chain of custody. Control inventory at every step to avoid ageing & to optimize your waste. 

 Why Satma

Put Satma to work. Observe and increase in your efficiency, accuracy & profitability.

And while you're at it, generate  social & environmental impact reports, profitability reports, get audit trails of all records created & get details of your daily operations on a single dashboard.

Satma features


Collection & Segregation solution

 The cycle of traceability starts with the person or institution dropping the waste at a collection facility. Their details along with details on waste,  GRN, compliance details, images of waste, geo tagged locations are captured. One of the foremost pain points faced at collection segregation/sorting is the material quality check, which is integrated in the software. 



Recycler solution 

Define customisable processes, machine details and activities within your facilities. Get live QC checks & integrate with any EMS you are currently using. 

Inventory management

Provide raw material identification in your end product.   



Manufacturer solution

Define customisable processes, machine details and activities within your facilities. Get live QC checks & integrate with any EMS you are currently using. 

Inventory Management

Create Audit trails

Auto calculate impact

Live QC checks 



Traceability for Brand solution

Brands can track the movement of waste from the time waste is deposited in a waste collection centre, as it moves through the waste value chain to the final disposal or manufacture of product made from the recycled waste- thereby tracking the circularity of the waste.

Block chain based traceability

Generated per QR code


From customizable processes, EMS integrations to powerful analytics - Satma has it all.

100% customisable processes for your facilities, integration with any finance, sales etc. tools currently being used to get a solution that is designed specially for your waste management business. 


The latest from Satma

Our Clients

Some testimonials for  Satma & the team.

"Extremely pleased"

I am extremely pleased with the support received from the team at Satma in setting up a Reporting and Traceability software via  SATMA CE, which is the need of the hour.  I am also very excited to see how the end product will work when its fully operational, with detailed reporting and a complete run through of its features from start to finish.


Srichandra Menon

VP- Plastic Recovery at Hasiru Dala Innovations Private Limited

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