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Operational supply chain traceability software to remove Greenwashing in the supply chain 

For waste collectors, MRF's, recyclers, manufacturers & brands

Digital origin & material traceability reports

3rd party audited & verifiable transactions

Live integrated sustainability reporting from operations

EPR, waste & green credits 

Trusted by people working across the circular supply chain

We are

A SaaS based operational software

Satma CE has been made by defining complex circular supply chain protocol. It digitises material tracking from point of origin to final product made for the circular economy.

Software uses QR- based traceability, optional blockchain integration, live 3rd party audits ; to make supply chains transparent,  traceable, 100% auditable .


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Waste collectors & MRF's

True origin traceability cannot be achieved without covering point of origin of waste. Satma has the right features & accessibility for people working on-ground. 

Recyclers, processors & manufacturers

Our cutting edge enterprise solution helps waste processors transform how operational data is captured to help boost efficiency. Optimised vendor management, workflows & inventory are some of the benefits Satma gives!


Brands buying sustainable products get audited proof for the material/product being purchased. 

We've also covered brands running their own collection as part of Extended producer responsibility have  


What you get

Our Solutions

Based on what you manage in your supply chain, you can pick and choose any of the solutions below.



Innovative ledger offering a comprehensive process mapping solution tailored specifically for waste collection & segregation. It seamlessly records the entire material chain of custody, ensuring transparency & at every stage of the process.


Advanced ledger that allows meticulous process mapping, tailored for recyclers, processors & convertors, digitally recording material chain of custody. Digitally  stores live operational data, capturing processes from raw material input to product, giving seamless supply chain traceability.



Elevate your product's sustainability narrative with Satma CE's supply chain insights. Our live & rigorous audit solution ensures trustworthy data for environmental impact assessment, EPR credits, waste, plastic & green credits and much more!

Sustainability Report
Vendor Management
Track and Trace
Audit Trails
Quality Check Control
Profitability analysis
Responsible sourcing
Green Claims proof
Inventory Management
Origin Traceability 
Chain of custody 
Vendor passports
Scope 3 calculations

Not just an operational tool!

Input your day-to-day transactions & let Satma take care of the rest. 

When you use Satma CE for your day to day operations, all your reports are auto generated. 

  • Vendor reports

  • Origin & material traceability

  • Micro verified Audited reports 

  • GRN traceability reports

All transactions and data can be tracked on dashboards with live information of your supply chain.

You can select and share your data securely across systems & companies.

Currently in use in plastic, paper, aluminium, rubber, e-waste and metal waste. 


I am extremely pleased with the support received from the team at Satma in setting up  reporting and traceability via SATMA C, which is the need of the hour. I am also very exited to see how the end product will work with it is fully operational, with detailed reporting and a complete run through of its features from start to finish. 

Srichandra Menon

VP- Plastic Recovery

Hasiru Dala Innovations Private Limited

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