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Traceability across the
supply chain

Where the value chain meets the blockchain to give you complete operational transparency & add credibility to your sustainability claims.

Traceability report
Track and trace - Social impact
Track and trace recycled bottles
Track and trace data
How it Works

Circular Economy solution with a defined  production protocol 

For Suppliers, Convertors, Processors, Brands & OEM's

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Digitise your operations & unlock the power of your supply chain data

Ethically supply chain management of your vendors, inventory, bills, work orders, processes & more. Automate reporting that has micro-verified transaction data. 


Daily Operations

Made for suppliers and convertors this tool helps store live operational data- & capture processes from raw material input to product development. 

  • Inventory management

  • Live Quality checks & approvals

  • Alternate material input profitability analysis

  • Live dashboard.


Traceability & sustainability reports

Give detailed traceability of your supply chain data. Our tool will help you give authentic proof the precise material composition of your products. 

  • Supply chain traceability

  • Material journey

  • Third party compliance check


Credits & compliance

We help you understand your the environmental impact of your product based on real supply chain data. You can now make sustainability claims backed by trusted data coming from your supply chain post a series of audits. 

  • Environment impact

  • Credits- EPR, Waste & Plastic

Dumping Sites

Client Testimonials

Srichandra Menon- Hasiru dala Innovations

Srichandra Menon

VP- Plastic Recovery

Hasiru Dala Innovations Private Limited

I am extremely pleased with the support received from the team at Satma in setting up  reporting and traceability via SATMA C, which is the need of the hour. I am also very exited to see hoe the end product will work with it is fully operational, with detailed reporting and a complete run through of its features from start to finish. 

Ujwal Desai- Lucro Plastecycle

Ujwal Desai

Managing Director 

Lucro Plastecycle Private Limited

Satma is the software the waste industry was waiting for!

Our industry was long missing a software customised to waste specific operations. Pain points at collection & segregation have been removed. Satma has made life easier for all of us at Lucro & helped us give authentic proof to each stakeholder on the traceability of material from waste to worth! 


Lokesh Sambhwani



At Refillable, we are dedicated to creating a more sustainable future by reducing waste and promoting reuse. Our partnership with Satma CE will play a crucial role in enhancing our operations and quantifying the positive impact we are making on the environment. Together, we will continue to lead the way in sustainable practices

 Why Satma

Share audit ready traceability & product impact data.

And while you're at it, generate  environmental impact reports, profitability reports, create audit trails of all transactions & get details of your daily operations on a single dashboard.

Track and Trace your product's chain of commands
customise process Satma CE



Integration with any EMS Satma CE

Integration with any existing EMS

Generate reports Satma CE



Your one stop for traceability in circular supply chains. Currently in use in plastic, paper, aluminium, rubber, e-waste and metal.

Capture transactions, profitability, carbon footprint while establishing your chain of custody. Share your data securely across systems & companies.

Our clients

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