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Implementation of Satma CE helps strengthen the Deluxe recycling supply chain

MUMBAI, India, July 5, 2023 -- Deluxe Recycling, part of the Deluxe Group (Deluxe Recycling India private limited), the company pioneering the manufacture of boards, roofing sheets, doors and pallets made of recycled Multi-Layer mixed Plastic (MLP) and Plastic Laminated Beverage Carton waste has implemented the software Satma CE (scan and trace material application across the circular economy), the first of its kind, made in India, SaaS-based operational waste management software. The software tracks and traces the movement of waste — from waste to worth — using data from daily operations.

The software will help Deluxe through management of inventory, tracking of material received from various waste suppliers in real time, digitalize payments, enable quality check for inward waste making the whole collection seamless, while reducing time and process loss. Satma CE will also allow them to manage multiple orders simultaneously in their production lines, creating operational efficiencies. As a consequence of using the software in daily operations, Deluxe will now be able to track and report the exact quantity of plastic waste used in the final product along with factors like where the waste came from and carbon saving. Clients will now get complete traceability of the material recovered and used in the final product; something that has been lacking in the waste management industry.

Varun Karasia, CEO, Satma CE said, "There has been an absence of traceability of waste in India purely due to collection woes. This industry has complicated processes that could be different from one recycler to the next. We are solving for this highly disintegrated and complex industry by enabling users to provide complete traceability into the circularity of waste through real time operational data. We are extremely delighted to be working closely with Deluxe Recycling to implement the software solution across their facilities."

Aashish Shah, CEO, Deluxe Recycling said, "Satma CE has helped us improve our internal process with respect to inventory, production, and quality. It has also helped us to streamline data for various compliances and reporting. It has also provided traceability for our product to give authentic proof to stakeholders on material from waste to worth."

About Satma CE

Satma CE is a SaaS-based software that offers traceability across the waste to worth supply chain, including collection, segregation, recycling and processing. It tracks the movement of waste from the time it is deposited in a collection centre, as it moves through the waste value chain to the final disposal or manufacture of products made from the recycled waste, thereby tracking the circularity of every type of waste. Since it is SaaS based, it can be accessed through nearly any device and from remote locations.

The benefits offered by Satma CE includes offering transparency on the various waste touchpoints, recycling process, and usage in the final products, while maintaining anonymity and privacy for all institutions and individuals. It has the ability to solve for complexity of data management, build trust, provide incentives and help collaboration between various stake holders.

About Deluxe Recycling

Deluxe Recycling India Pvt. Ltd is the largest recycler of multi-layer packing waste based out of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka. Deluxe commenced its recycling journey in 1999 and over the past two decades, Deluxe stayed true to its motto of 'ECO' with Waste Management, Paper & Boards, PVC Coated Fabrics and Film Studio, all benefiting from our objectives.

For more information contact: Varun Karasia Satma CE +91-8080500600


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